Are you really being a good employee by going to work even if you are sick?  It may show dedication but it also shows carelessness.  New studies indicate that an entire office and be infected with your germs by lunchtime.    Scientists at the University of Arizona concluded that you don't have to be direct contact with someone to catch their illness.  Germs are spread by more than just coughing and sneezing.  Simply touching the same items as the infected person could make you sick, too.

The study included eighty people that were asked to go about their daily office duties at the university.  The participants were given droplets of water on their hands while only one received droplets of  fake viruses.  After just a few hours, over half of the office surfaces had traces of the fake viruses.  Yikes!  By the end of the day, seventy percent of the offices surfaces had traces of the fake viruses.

So, is it worth spreading germs and getting your co-workers sick?  When more people are sick, less work is getting done.  Take care of yourself and your office mates.  If you are sick or contagious, stay home.  It is nice to share but you can keep your germs to yourself.

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