Sage Levene

Have you ever wondered who makes the famous ‘Oscar’ statues for the Academy Awards? Starting this year the statues for the February 28th ceremony will be made exclusively by the Polich Tallix Foundry located only a few hours away in Rock Tavern, NY. About 90% of all employees at Polich Tallix helped make the statues- from mold makers to digital technicians and metal finishers. The order of 57 statues was placed from the academy in early November of 2015, They were contacted specifically for their experience in creating bronze sculptures, and were bidding against other foundries for the job. They went through two rounds of quoting and were also tasked with making a prototype. An Academy representative eventually flew out to the foundry to meet everyone, and brought the modern Oscar statue, and one of the earliest castings as well. Their process for updating the statue involved scanning the two example statues and then editing them digitally until they had their new version. That was then 3D printed, and became a wax master, and then a mold. All of the statues were created in only 3 months. Polich Tallix will continue to make the statues for the prestigious awards. Make sure to check the statues out at the 88th Oscars, airing this Sunday the 28th on abc at 7PM!

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