A pregnant woman's sister-in-law — who is also pregnant — became irate and accused her of trying to upstage her after she announced her pregnancy to their family. The woman took to Reddit to share her story.

"My husband and I got pregnant last year in June, but it wasn't financially possible for us to raise a baby, so I decided to get an abortion. It was really sad for me, but I wanted to raise my baby in the best environment possible," the woman wrote via Reddit.

"After it was done, I got the implant and kept it for a year. This year, in July, my husband and I mutually decided to remove the implant as we are so much better financially right now, and our house is almost finished," she continued.

The woman detailed it "took two months" for her to get pregnant, but once it happened, she and her husband were "ecstatic" — and the latter couldn't wait to share the happy news with his mom.

"My brother-in-law was there when my husband called, so he knows, and by default, my sister-in-law knows too," she continued. "The thing is, my husband and I knew four weeks ago that my sister-in-law was pregnant because she kind of did it behind my brother-in-law's back. She went off the pill without telling him, and my brother-in-law was planning on moving back with his mom until they reconciled. Which they did."

Since both her sister-in-law and brother-in-law found out she was pregnant, the woman decided to let everyone in the family know.

"I decided to just tell everyone, because it's better that they know I'm pregnant from us rather than from a third party. But now, my sister-in-law is out telling everybody I'm a copier and I try to be her, and I got pregnant on purpose to upstage her," she shared.

In the comments, users were baffled by the sister-in-law's actions, with many suggesting she's a narcissist.

"You got pregnant just to copy her? She must be really full of herself if she thinks that someone would get pregnant just to be like them," one person wrote.

"I absolutely hate when people get upset about someone else 'stealing their thunder' in situations like this," another commented. "You are pregnant. You're allowed to be pregnant. You're allowed to tell people that you are pregnant. I would have been excited if someone close to me was pregnant at the same time I was! I would've loved to have a friend or family member to talk to about our pregnancies and commiserate with about the aches and pains and whatnot."

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