Mets owner Steve Cohen should not cave into the greedy demands of Superstar Shortstop Francisco Lindor. If  Lindor wants more than the 10 year $325 million offer that’s on the table, then Lindor needs to play out the season, become a free agent and see what other teams will offer him more. Lindor wants 12 years with a price tag of $385 million, an offer he won’t get anywhere. What he should do is graciously accept current offer, and go out and have a monster season for the Mets.

Kiley McDaniel weighed in on the subject and helped us understand what Lindor is thinking maybe heading into next offseason. He disagrees overall with my take, here is the fundamentals of what he is thinking:

  • If Francisco Lindor hits free agency, the over/under would between $325 million and $385 million. So from his perspective if he is trying to maximize the money, he can bet on himself to get the higher number next offseason with a better season.
  • It is a big risk to take if you are Lindor but if that is what he wants to do then rejecting the current offer makes sense and from the Mets perspective, you may feel more comfortable anyway giving him that money if he plays like the All Star we know he is.
  • Both parties are actually acting rationally right now and if at the end of the season the Mets want to lay an offer on the table before free agency begins, they can do so and leave it on the table for Lindor hoping that is what he decides in October as well.

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