Here in Central New York, we aren't surprised that our colleges are top party schools. Barstool Sports recently named this New York State college as one of the top partying colleges in America.

Coming in at Number 19, out of a list of 50, Syracuse University ranked in.

The Top 50 Party Schools list has been released. Do you agree?"

It's pretty cool that Syracuse made it into the top 20 on this list. This isn't the first time that Syracuse made a list like this:

Syracuse University made it on The Princeton Review's annual ranking of the best party schools in the country. SU, which was ranked the No. 1 party school in 2019 and 2014, has made The Princeton Review's list of top ten party schools since 2012.

It also looks like recently Syracuse ranked number 7 on a party school list:

A survey conducted by Niche states 64 percent of Syracuse University students say "the dorms' social atmosphere is great" and the majority of respondents were impressed with the "party options Wednesday-Saturday.""

According to Barstool Sports, some of the colleges that beat Syracuse include Alabama as number one, WVU as number two, and Arizona State as number three on the list. It's also pretty cool to note Syracuse was the only New York State college on this list.

This isn't to be confused with this list from Barstool Sports back in 2020:

By the way, a Fashion School didn't win for New York. This was a classic April Fools Day joke from Barstool. It had all sorts of people on Twitter and Instagram freak out online.

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