Sometimes the simplest things in life bring the most joy to people. A recent video shared to YouTube of two hummingbirds enjoying an afternoon meal in Idaho, has turned out  to be the most mesmerizing part of my week so far.

I know what some of you are thinking. What's the big deal. It's two birds on a feeder. Well, you're right, but the quality of the video is what fascinates me, and capturing these frenetic creatures in this manner is rare.

We are blessed to have these birds as regular visitors in our backyard. One got into our shop a few weeks ago, and it took three hours and a broom to get it back out. They are an amazing species of bird.

An Idaho video shared to YouTube a few weeks ago that was shot on a Galaxy S10 is a remarkable effort in my opinion. The clarity is incredible, and I literally watched every second of it. I felt like I just walked out of a day spa when the thing ended. Whatever works...right. We could all use a daily de-stressor.

It's not known where the video is shot in the state, but the surroundings are beautiful. Those of us in Twin Falls don't have far to travel to see these wonderful creatures in action. The South Hills Hummingbird Habitat is just a short drive, and worth every second.

I hope you find as much enjoyment in this video as I did. Namaste!

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