Mother's Day, May 12, will be here before we know it.  It is time to get creative with your gift ideas for the lady who gave you life.  I had a lot of fun picking out my top five picks  for unique Mother's Day gifts and I would love any of them.  Prices vary for every budget.  Check them out:

Family Glassware

This glassware is so much fun.  It reminds of the family stick figure stickers people put on the rear window of their vehicle.  Yes, I have those on my car.


Poem Photo Canvas

There are a lot of personalized picture ideas for Mother's Day and I love this one.  I can picture my babies' faces on canvas right now...beautiful!


First Initial Bracelet

Love this bracelet!  The power a single letter can hold.  This is a piece of jewelry you could wear all of the time.  This may be favorite.


Framed Stacking Rings

Any mom would be proud to wear this ring and the price is right, too.  No one would think this gift cost under $20.


Bottom of My Heart Print

Homemade gifts have the most meaning.  All though I do love all of the gifts above, especially the bracelet (that's a hint, honey), this is the one that would bring tears to my eyes.  Knowing my family took the time to create this art just for me, would be very special.

So in conclusion, I would enjoy any of these unique gifts but can't wait to get my bracelet from my hubby and my homemade print from my kids.   Am I being too, obvious?

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