The long anticipated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived at Arnot Ogden Hospital in Elmira and over the weekend, about 350 tier one Bassett Healthcare Network employees went there to receive their vaccine according to AllOTSEGO. Bassett Healthcare Network was allotted a certain number of vaccines for their employees.

Bassett spokeswoman Karen Huxtable-Hooker says, “We are hoping to get the Moderna vaccine shipped directly to Bassett before Christmas and be able to vaccinate more employees in the NYSDOH defined Tier One group."

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According to Bassett, "a vaccine works by teaching our immune systems how to recognize and fight off a virus if we ever truly encounter it." Bassett officials explain that the coronavirus vaccine will most likely not be available to the general public for several month. Currently, in Tier one distribution of the vaccine, only those most at risk of contracting the virus: healthcare workers, nursing home and congregate care residents and workers.

Delaware County Public Health officials are reporting that today, vaccinations across New York State will begin in nursing homes. It will take approximately 2 weeks to administer vaccines to all of the 618 facilities that have enrolled in the program.
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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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