The Truth Is Still Out There

by Sage Levene
x files

It’s been a long 8 years since we were graced with a new Mulder and Scully story, which we received in the form of a movie- X Files: I Want To Believe. Before that we’d been left with syndicated reruns since the series finale in 2002. Lucky for us though that reboots and revivals are trendy, and audiences can reap the benefits in the form of the 2016 6-Part miniseries which premiered just last Sunday on the 24th.

The premiere took us to modern day, with our antagonists looking notably older, and worn down after years of closed doors and dead ends. Unfortunately, Mulder and Scully are not together, as many fans would hope. Scully has been working in a hospital for 7 years, and Mulder seems to be a bit reclusive in his older age, still pining after the truth. Scully is contacted by her former boss, Assistant Director Skinner who wants them to meet with a new character- one Tad O’Malley played by Joel McHale, who is an online YouTube type personality set on uncovering the truth, whether it’s about the government or alien conspiracies. When the duo meets with O’Malley, it sets into effect a chain of events ending with the X-Files being reopened and Mulder and Scully back on the job. Critical reviews of the first 2 episodes which have already debuted were mixed, but early reviews of the coming episodes are much more positive and enthusiastic about the quality of the show. As a fan I was excited and definitely satisfied. I can understand the negative points made by most critics but nostalgia and love make me blind to the flaws. I can not wait to see the remaining four episodes, and I am hopeful that this will not be the end for my favorite FBI agents.



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