A major motion picture is expected to start filming this spring in Binghamton.

Walton native Everett De Morier co-wrote the screenplay which is based on his novel Thirty-three Cecils.

The story is set in Binghamton and Erie, PA. “Binghamton will be Binghamton because there are certain locations in the screenplay that are still there,” De Morier said in an exclusive CNY News interview.

De Morier added that Erie locations will also be shot in Binghamton because the cities resemble each other.

“The story is about two totally different people that have realized that they’ve messed up their lives,” De Morier said. “One is an alcoholic who lives in Binghamton and realized every decision he’s made has led to problems.”

The second character lives in Erie.

“He was once a very prominent man who was the darling of the community,” De Morier said. “Things got tough, he became a counterfeiter, went to prison and became the joke of the town.”

The two characters paths cross in the movie.

“This is a story of redemption,” De Morier said. He believes viewers will relate to the theme because, “we all need to forgive ourselves, move on, dump the shame and get to the next step.”

Ongoing contract negotiations prohibit De Morier from identifying  the actors and director. “But the casting is done and these are names that you’ll definitely recognize,” De Morier said.

The film, budgeted at about $6 million, allows for some local actors and crew to be hired.

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