The New York Rangers are about to faceoff with the cross town rival Islanders in the first of three match ups spread out across the Blue Shirts final 11 games of the season. The Rangers post season hopes are somewhere between Slim and None, slim hasn't left town yet but it's close. Mollie Walker of the New York Post cover both the Rangers and Islanders. So she's the perfect one to preview the importance of the NHL's version of the battle for New York.

The Rangers have dug themselves a decent hole but with a lot of luck and some how some way winning all three of their remaining games against the Islanders they could keep their hopes of hosting Lord Stanley's Cup alive a bit longer. Look I know the odds are SERIOUSLY long that the Rangers can take all three form the Islanders, honestly taking tow would be a chore BUT there's a chance. Listen to Mollie Walker's interview below and hear just how strong she feels that chance really is.

Yeah, so that didn't fill me with an abundance of confidence for this season but I feel really good about the future of the Rangers. The Islanders can be the team of 2021 but at this pace the Rangers are going to be a problem for everyone in the NHL for years to come. It feels so good to say that and not just be a delusional fan.

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