We had purchased a copy of THE MUPPETS for our kids but got so much more than a movie.  I have always been a fan of the muppets.  I remember watching The Muppet Show as a child and dreaming about being their special guest.  I spent many afternoons in costume, pretending to be in my dressing room and of course heading to the stage for a big number.

As I sat and watched the movie with my kids,  I could not help but smile.  I found myself overflowing with joy.  I sat there so happy watching my favorite childhood characters brought back to life.  Now I don't want to give away the plot, but it will take you down memory lane.  I kept wondering if my cousin Jen had seen this movie yet.  Would she have the same nostalgic feelings?  Would it make her think of me the way I couldn't stop thinking about her and so many great memories as I watched?  Does she remember playing muppets?  I had Animal and Kermit dolls and she had Fozzie and Scooter.

My kids laughed and sang and I knew a new generation of Muppet fans had begun.  I can't help but wonder, is it the characters that I love so or the connection it gives me to Jen.   I totally recommend this movie to all Muppet fans and those who enjoy a stroll down memory lane.