What Do You Miss Most?
What's that thing that you feel like you didn't fully appreciate until you weren't able to do it? Strangely, the first thing that comes to my mind is unlimited chips and salsa.
Our First Weekly Movie Review: Mona Lisa Smile
by Cynthia Keever
Mona Lisa Smile
In this dramatic woman's right movie starring Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst, Katherine Watson, a 30-year-old grad student in the department of art history, takes a job as the Art History teacher at the all-girls college of Wellesley in Massachusetts
8 Must See Movies of 2013
Too many movies are coming out this year, and with the constant improvement of entertainment technology, they all look big, expensive, end really good. But you be the judge. Here's what's coming soon!
Favorite Holiday Movies [Video] [Poll]
It is that time of year when offices all over are having their year end, holiday parties.  We had ours this past Saturday at Stella Lunas.  We've actually had such fun that we've been celebrating there for years.  This year Big Chuck had a contest for each couple to particip…

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