Taylor Swift's world-dominating 1989 Tour hit Toronto on Saturday October 3, and true to form, the reigning queen of #squadgoals had yet another exciting surprise musical guest lined up and ready to be welcomed to her stage. Who was on hand for a duet this time, you ask? Why, none other than pop's punky rule-breaker, Charli XCX!

The pop megastar teased their performance by launching into a hyped-up introduction just moments before her guest came on-stage, telling the crowd dramatically, "I think it's very important that I start by telling you that anyone that you see on this stage tonight or any night on the 1989 World Tour, any artist that comes out to perform for you is someone that I love who I approached and said, 'Would you please come out? It would be so awesome!' And then they were given a list of cities on the entire tour and the artist that's about to come out chose Toronto—wanted to to surprise you and only you. Another thing I want you to take into account [is that] it's Saturday night... the artist who's about to come out is one of the most in-demand artists of the moment and could be performing absolutely anywhere. She chose you Toronto, she chose tonight!"

Damn, the girl sure knows how to hype! But that's not all; Taylor then went on to shower Charli with one of the best compliments an artist can bestow upon another: "In my opinion, I'm about to bring out one of the greatest songwriters that we have going for us right now! She's unbelievable. She's about to perform her number one smash 'Boom Clap'—Charli XCX is here tonight!"

Dripping with girl power, the glittering duo then teamed up for an electrifying, raucous, pyrotechnics-fueled duet of Charli's chart-topping Sucker single, "Boom Clap." And afterwards, the girls continued to share their mutual love on Twitter:

We think it's safe to assume Taylor's squad just earned a new member.

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