greater oneonta historical society

This GOHS Fundraiser Spells Fun!
If you ask me, it's hard to beat an evening out where not only do you get to enjoy delicious food and craft beer with friends, but the money spent benefits a local non-profit.
Greater Oneonta Historical Auction Tonight
Tonight is the Greater Oneonta Historical Society Goods and Services Benefit Auction at Chapin Memorial of the Unitarian Universalist Society, 12 Ford Avenue, in Oneonta, and “Big Chuck” will act as the guest auctioneer!
Christmas Time at the Greater Oneonta Historical Soicety [Audio]
Bob Brzozowski, Director of the Greater Oneonta Historical Society, shared some holiday events with us this morning. There is a big fundraiser going on now and cash prize winners will be drawn at First Night on New Year's eve.  Amount of cash prizes will reflect the number of tickets sold.…