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Janet Jackson Album Achieves What Only Two Others Have [Videos]
It is every artist's goal to have a number one album.  It is a challenging achievement.  Then to have an album produce seven top ten U.S. singles, is spectacular and only three albums have done that.  Today in music history we go back to 1989 when Janet Jackson climbed to number …
U2 Highest Grossing Act In the U.S. [Video]
Today in music history we look back at an incredible year for U2.  On this date in 2010 it was revealed that U2 was the highest grossing musical act in the United States for 2009 beating out some huge names in the business.
12-12-12 Concert Raised Funds Already in Use
Some of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll were on the bill for the nationally televised "12-12-12" concert benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy.
But the charity in charge of distributing donations has been thinking small when it comes to doling out the more than $50 mill…