It's Friday Flashback time and today's featured group is Survivor.  The pop-rock group formed in Chicago in 1977, consisting of Dave Bickler on vocals, Frankie Sullivan on guitar, Jim Peterik on keyboards, Stephan Ellis on bass, and Marc Droubay on drums.  The group's first hit was "Poor Man's Son" reaching #33 on Billboard charts in 1981.  But things really took off when they recorded probably one of the best theme songs of the eighties that is still recognized as a"get pumped" anthem today.

"Eye Of The Tiger" was released in 1982 and was a number song for six weeks.  It was the song that got Sylvester Stallone on the winning track in Rocky III.  The song was and still is used at sporting events across the country.  I remember this being a big marching band song too.

In 1983, Jimi Jamison replaced Bickler on vocals.

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