Motorcycle racing and boxing may just team up for the extreme sport of the future.

Witness what happened when Vince Friese took out Weston Peick last Saturday at the 2016 Anaheim One SX in an accident that knocked both of them off their bikes.

Peick jumped up and it began raining punches on Friese. The pair have a long acrimonious history with each other.

Peick was disqualified and suspended for one race, in addition to receiving a $5,000 fine. Friese's night was also short-lived, since he never advanced to the night's big race.

It was a pretty intense scene and it looked like Peick was more interested in a left cross than supercross. Also, he probably should've considered not punching someone right in his helmet. That's gonna hurt him more than it did Friese.

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