A very invasive tapeworm has been discovered in many Otsego County waters by Dr. Florian Reyda, Professor and Researcher, with SUNY Oneonta's Biology Department and Biological Field Station.  Co-authors of the study include former students (now graduated) Cheyenne Pommelle (’19) and Maggie Doolin (MS, ’18).  Reyda published the findings in the current issue of Comparative Parasitology according to a SUNY Oneonta press release.

According to his research, the Asian Fish Tapeworm (Schyzocotyle acheilognathi) has been found in New York State for the first time. There are 19 other states in which this parasite has been found.  This tapeworm occurs in minnow species and was probably brought to the USA in the late 1960s via grass carp farming. It has since been spread around by activities such as illegal introductions of fish to different water bodies.

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