Ethan Renoe may be the most well-known person on Facebook not named Zuckerberg.

Renoe has become a viral sensation after he gave a short interview while running without a shirt to Chicago's WGN.

Yes, a hot shirtless dude working out finished the interview by saying he's single. In this day and age of swiping right, this is as much info as we need to determine if a guy is a catch.

And the internet has decided this guy is indeed a catch. That video has been viewed over a million times and generated thousands of like and shares. What's more, Renoe has been besieged with friend requests on Facebook, no doubt some of them coming from women who are dreamily writing "Mrs. Ethan Renoe" in their iPhone notes.

If Ethan has been nice, it looks like Santa may just deliver him a girlfriend this Christmas.

See Renoe talk about his 15 minutes of fame in a follow-up and non-shirtless interview below:

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