The Harlem Shake. The Nae Nae. Heck, not even the robot captured the imagination as much as this new dance craze.

Just in time for the holiday season may we offer you the Santa Shuffle. It's Santa certified and approved, so you know it's good. Introduced by the good people at KISS 104.7 in Casper, Wyo., the Santa Shuffle is super easy to do and the accompanying song of the same name is so catchy you'll find yourself singing it while wrapping your presents and sipping egg nog.

The dance is pretty easy to do. Just follow the directions as outlined in the song by DJ Mistletoe Luv and MC Kriz Kringle. You'll have it down in no time and will be such a hit at your office holiday party that you won't even need an ugly Christmas party to get people to notice you.

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