Many people have tried out new hobbies to pass the time during the pandemic, from baking banana bread to learning to play the piano, but one person has picked up a "new hobby" so unique and befuddling that it's gone viral online.

Someone took to Reddit to explain their interesting way to pull a fast one on job recruiters — and it was met with mixed reactions.

“I apply for jobs and attend interviews with no intention of taking the jobs,” the user shared on Tuesday (Jan. 11).

“For the past 4 months I've been applying for jobs on Indeed [a job posting site]. I make up the qualifications they ask for and on paper, I'm the perfect candidate but in reality, I don't really exist.”

The either genius or glutton for punishment — you decide — explained their reasoning for going through the borderline stressful and elaborate process.

“Well, I like to dress up, and it feels like a real sense of occasion,” they flippantly wrote, adding: “I get to have a nice day out and visit new places. I go to the barbers, get a clean shave, grab breakfast and coffee. I feel great and look great.”

The user noted they can “walk into the interview room perfectly calm” because there is zero pressure on whether they get the job or not.

Moreover, their bizarre hobby aims to “flip the script” on employers so they can quiz the folks doing the hiring about what they can offer a potential employee, instead of the other way around: “What benefits does the company provide? Why should I work there? How are you competitive to other businesses in the area?"

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“The reactions I get range from confusion to interviewers convincing me that I should work there,” they added, explaining that after the interview, they “drop the bombshell” on the interviewers. "When it comes to the salary talk I always say it's not really competitive in today's market. I then look impatient, thank them for their time and I just walk out of the door.”

So, what happens after they peace out? “A few times now I've had emails asking me in for another interview stating that the salary is now all of a sudden negotiable.”

The user did acknowledge there is probably “something wrong with me,” but that they hope “the next person that goes for the interview is going to have a much better experience.”

The wild Reddit story was met with very mixed reactions from some users who applauded the individual's “amazing” technique to flip the script on employers. Another explained they also do the same thing: “I interview once or twice a year just for sh--s and giggles and the practice,” they commented.

A “hiring manager” who does “interviews all the time” took a moment to give a little advice to those who are scared of the interview process.

“If you're that nervous and the employer does nothing to make you feel comfortable, screw them,” they wrote. “Or change your profession (if it really is reliant on presentation and putting on a show.) There's lots of people who don't interview well yet are talented. A ‘good’ interviewer should make you feel comfortable and at ease.”

After going viral on social media and Reddit, the original poster said they were overwhelmed by the responses to their story. They edited the post to add they plan to record their next interview and will post “my method and CV template” for others to use.

Is this Reddit user's new hobby smart or senseless? We might need to do a follow-up interview to decide.

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