When you go do the doctor do you ever try to test their skills?  Maybe you give the quick once over on your symptoms but you wonder if you've got Dr. House on call?

It never works.  You should just tell your doctor what's going on so they can make a proper diagnosis.  No matter how crazy the symptom or how embarrassing the situation.

A new survey out of England asked people to name embarrassing symptoms they'd NEVER tell their doctor about.  I found this odd...perhaps due to my strong stance of "farts are funny"...but the one that got the most votes was "excessive FLATULENCE."


34% of people said they'd never mention it to their doctor, even if they were passing a severe amount of gas.  Another 15% said they'd wait at least two weeks.  So that's 49% total who'd just keep cookin' up air biscuits, hoping it would stop.

A few more potentially serious symptoms we'd be too embarrassed to mention include:  Odd bowel movements . . . bladder control issues . . . and any sort of below-the-belt swelling.

They did say that discovering a lump or swelling in the breasts, testicles, groin, chest or stomach would send people to the doctor in as little as under a day.  So, that's a good sign.

Here's something to keep in mind...

"It is perfectly understandable that people with symptoms that they feel embarrassed about would rather not share their concerns with a medical professional, but we have to remember these guys have seen these types of problems a million times before."

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