The first 'Predestination' trailer shows a film in which Ethan Hawke ('The Purge,' 'Boyhood') seeks to prevent major crimes before they even happen. It sounds just like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel, right? Only here Hawke is traveling through time to stop these events, as opposed to relying on those pesky Precogs of 'Minority Report.'

In the world of 'Predestination,' there are those called Temporal Agents, who travel through time in order to prevent crime. Hawke portrays one, though he must go back to recruit his younger self in order to stop the one criminal he's never caught, a man known as The Fizzle Bomber who will come to kill 11,000 people with one mass explosion -- that is, unless he can be stopped. See? Very 'Minority Report'-esque.

EW dropped the 'Predestination' trailer online (shown above), though a longer cut was found (below), revealing more details of the story.

'Predestination' also features Noah Taylor (the guy who did that thing to Jaime Lannister's hand in 'Game of Thrones') and newcomer Sarah Snook. The film does not currently have a US release date, though it will screen at Montreal's Fantasia Fest this week and the Melbourne International Film Festival on the 31st.

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