If you’ve felt sluggish the last few days, it probably has a lot to do with the recent Daylight Saving.

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Ask any parent or pet owner if they think there’s a benefit to Daylight Saving and they’ll likely shout out a big no. The time change wreaks havoc on families and individuals around the world.

According to The Weather Network, Daylight Saving has such a negative impact on people that “Heart attacks increase 24 percent in the week after the U.S. “springs forward” in March. There’s even an uptick during the week in November when the clocks “fall back.”

Falling back in time means that it gets darker earlier and people tend to hunker down at home rather than go out like they do when it’s light out longer.

The people at Coco and Eve conducted a survey in which they asked 3,500 people what their preferences are when it comes to staying home in the darker and colder months. New Yorkers have spoken up about what it is they prefer to do to stay occupied while hanging out at home.

New Yorkers say they gravitate toward taking long showers and tend to order more takeout food. New Yorkers are also chugging back soda with their pizza and instead of binge-watching a television show, they also tell Coco and Eve that they prefer to cuddle up to a good movie.

It would seem that the pandemic really changed the mindset of individuals who were once worried about missing out on all of the fun things their friends were going (FOMO- fear of missing out) because 70 percent of the people who participated in the study said they don’t really miss going out once they’ve gotten cozy inside for the night.


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