All crimes described in police media releases are allegations. Named suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Jason Rude, 46, of Oneonta, was arrested for drunk driving. State police charged Rude with first-degree unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated.

Otsego County deputies working with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brandon Garlock of Canastota. Garlock was charged with grand larceny and criminal mischief. He’s accused of stealing a U-Haul box truck.

Maddeline Lawyer, 20, of Sloansville, arrested by state troopers based in Cobleskill. Lawyer was charged with selling alcohol to a minor.

Cobleskill troopers arrested 46-years-old William Parr. He’s accused of second-degree aggravated harassment and fourth-degree criminal mischief.

Kyle Parker, 31, of Maryland, is accused of criminal contempt. Otsego County deputies charged him with violating an order of protection.

31-year-old Sean Sherman was charged with third-degree identity theft. Sherman was arrested by state police.

41-year-old Dezarae Yother of Morris was arrested by Otsego County Sheriff’s deputies. Yother was charged with forgery, possession of stolen property and several vehicle related violations.

Rachel Domion, 29, of Richfield Springs, is accused of aggravated cruelty to animals. She was charged by state police based in Richfield Springs.

Brian Kingsbury, 47, a resident of Sidney, was charged by state police of third-degree burglary.

Richfield Springs based state troopers charged Rebecca Murphy, 28, of Fort Plain, with driving while intoxicated.

Animals Rescued from Horrific Conditions, Upstate Couple Charged

Harvey Martz and Laurie Murray were arrested and charged with a number of crimes against animals for abandoning several dogs, cats and goats on a property where they used to live. The animals were found in horrific conditions in the town of Ephratah in Fulton County.

15 Of New York State's Most Wanted Criminals- July 2022

Below are individuals wanted by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision's (DOCCS) Office of Special Investigations who have been designated as its Most Wanted Fugitives. They should be considered armed and dangerous. This list is current as of 07/02/2022:

NEVER attempt to apprehend a fugitive yourself. If you have information on the location of any of these fugitives, you can contact OSI 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to report it. All leads and tips are treated as confidential information.

If an immediate response is necessary, such as you see the wanted person at a location, please call “911” and report it to the police.

These Are The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in New York State

From the National Insurance Crime Bureau, here are the top ten models of cars reported stolen in New York State in 2021.

One of the Top 10 Haunted Places In the Country

Forest Park Cemetery near troy, NY was named one of the "Top 10 Most Haunted Places In the Country" by Life Magazine, or was it. That is just one of the urban legends that surround this place of unrest.

Stunning Mural Transforms Oneonta, NY Eyesore Into Eye Candy

A building that the City of Oneonta plans to demolish, and one of Oneonta, NY's biggest eyesores, has been getting a major makeover thanks to artist James R. Mcilroy, owner of Wolfhound Studio which is a tattoo and art studio at 269 Main Street, Oneonta. Mcilroy has been creating murals on the side of the former Oneonta Sales building on the corner of Market St. and Chestnut St. Extension - a building formerly used as storage by the Twelve Tribes group in Oneonta. Now, instead of focusing on the ugliness of this horrible structure, the eye is drawn instead to the beauty of Mcilroy's artwork. Talk about a transformation!

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