We are in different times and we have to adapt to protect ourselves and others. But Easter is a holiday with traditions and one community got creative.

I think over the past month, the entire world has had to adapt to a different way of not only doing business but interacting with each other.

Let's just say my WiFi has never been more important with all the Zoom calls and FaceTiming I have been doing.

The things I see people doing virtually now is pretty amazing.

Millions across the country are also finding new ways to keep old traditions alive and creating new traditions to adapt.

Today I went for a morning walk; it was good weather and needed to get out of the house while the rest of the family was cooking Easter dinner. As I walked around my community, I started seeing these Easter eggs drawn in chalk on the ground.

Jackson Scott/TownSquare Media
Jackson Scott/Townsquare Media

I came across maybe a dozen of these and couldn't help but wonder how this was all going to work. Then I ran into a box and without being too creepy saw there were a bunch of envelopes with names on them. It made me smile. I have a feeling this was the new safe way to do an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the neighborhood without having actual eggs.

I would love to hear your creative ways of celebrating the holiday with your family.

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