From time to time, as the world around us changes, we all get those moments of feeling nostalgic and wanting what "used to be" because familiar things/places just feel more comfortable. So many things have come and gone, especially hometown businesses. I was thinking about that for the City of Oneonta...what businesses have come and gone over the years and what ones do people miss most? So I put the question "What Oneonta business would you like to see revived?" out on the WZOZ Facebook page recently and got plenty of answers!

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Some of the following businesses that people mentioned, I am very familiar with and grew up going to, and others were before my time. Let's see how many you remember and which one(s) you miss most...

What Oneonta Business Would you like to see Revived?

·        Ames, Chestnut St.
·        Andy & Gay's (restaurant), Chestnut St.
·        Bella Pockets, Clinton Plaza, then Main St.
·        Ben Franklin (craft store), Southside Mall
·        Bistro on Main, Main St.
·        Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's (cajun food), on Main St.
·        Bresee’s, Main St.
·        Carrols (dept. store)
·        Christopher’s Restaurant (Rt 28)
·        Dandee Donuts, Main St.
·        Decker's Bakery
·        Diana's Restaurant, Main St.
·        Elena’s Sweet Indulgence, Main St.
·        Feeny’s Fine Foods, East St
·        Foti's (bread)
·        Friendly’s, Main St.
·        Gino & Joe’s Pizzeria, in the Southside Mall
·        Grandma’s Bar (where the Salvation Army Store is now), Main St.
·        Grand Union, Chestnut St.
·        Harold's Army & Navy, Main St.
·        Italian Kitchen, Church St.
·        J&D’s Wagon Wheel, Main St.
·        Jamesway (Rt. 7)
·        Jreck Subs, Main St.
·        KB Toys (Southside Mall)
·        Konstanty’s
·        L.P. Butts (hardware store) on Market St. (where Foothills field is)
·        Love of Pete, Main St.
·        McLaughlin's, Main St.
·        Molinaries, Main St.
·        Monkey Barrel Toys, Main St.
·        Neptune Diner, Rt. 23 Southside
·        Oneonta Hots, Main St.
·        Oney Pokey, Main St.
·        P&C, Chestnut St.
·        Phoenix Café, Main St.
·        Pink Pig
·        Ponderosa Steakhouse
·        Pudgies Pizza, Main St.
·        Ruffino’s Pizzeria, Main St.
·        Sport Tech, Main St.
·        Steven’s Hardware, Main St.
·        The Bagel Company, Main St.
·        The Captain's Table, Main St.
·        The Dark Horse Saloon, Market St.
·        The Duke Diner, Oneida St.
·        The Farmhouse Restaurant, Rt. 7
·        The Fleetwood
·        The Red Caboose, Main St.
·        The Silver Bullet Saloon, Main St.
·        Woolworth’s, Main St.
·        Zonies

Is your favorite on this list? If not, let us know on the WZOZ Facebook post about this.

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