'Meet Me on Main' Summer Saturdays, outdoor dining/vendor/music events in Oneonta, NY that were built out of necessity and ended up turning into something that embodied "life enjoyed" for area residents during the last two summers is having its future considered by The City of Oneonta and Destination Oneonta.

The original concept was to help financially stressed Downtown Oneonta restaurants and retailers gain customers during the coronavirus pandemic and it did just that, drawing not only just Oneontans but people outside the city as well. This concept of "reimagining" life in Oneonta during the COVID-19 pandemic was brought forth by the city's ‘Survive and Thrive’ task force, headed up by city alderman Mark Drnek who is now Oneonta's mayor.

During the last two summers 'Meet Me on Main' Saturdays, Main St. in Oneonta was closed from the Chestnut St. extension to Elm St. so that dining tables could be put out in the street, along with music performers and some street vendors. It was a festival-like atmosphere that definitely livened up Downtown Oneonta, although attendance could have been better.

During the last two years, especially last year, my husband and I really loved the experience of dining outside on Main St. and hope this can return in some form. It would be great to see more street vendors participating if this event returns. What do you think? Would you like to see 'Meet Me on Main' Summer Saturdays continue? If you think it should move forward, answer the Summer Saturday survey from Destination Oneonta.

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I hope that we all get to enjoy "Meet Me on Main" for years to come. No official word on its return has been released at this time. It's something many area residents wanted for a long time and then finally got to enjoy it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It would be a shame to see it disappear. Keep it going Oneonta! Just remember that in order for events like this to thrive and continue, it has to be well-attended. In the meanwhile, take the survey regarding Summer Saturdays to voice your opinion.

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