The debate on which Girl Scouts cookie is the superior choice has been raging since Girl Scouts cookies became a thing, and now we know New York's favorite.

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I've had this debate for many years. Girl scout cookie season is a wonderful time of the year. Sometimes you order them straight from the Girl Scouts, sometimes you see a table set up outside your local grocery store, and sometimes tiny salespeople bring the cookies right to your door. There's nothing better than answering the doorbell thinking your neighbor is mad about something or a stranger wants to save your soul and then finding out that the doorbell is actually cookies being randomly delivered right to you.

But as with all things that are unimportant in the grand scheme of things, the fight over which option is the best Girl Scouts cookie is a fierce one. I've found myself fighting the fight on many occasions, always trying to convert people to the proper way of ranking the cookies with Thin Mints at the top.

For the record, Thin Mints may not have won that poll but they split the vote against every other cookie combined. Not bad in my opinion.

According to a report by Megan Hatch of Rochester First, it turns out I was right all along. According to the Girls Scouts official website, Thin Mints are the highest selling cookie of them all. That means the cookie economy has spoken, and a champion has been crowned.

According to Hatch's report, Thin Mints were also the most searched cookie in New York State, with particularly strong representation from the New York City area. Thin Mints covered 30 percent of cookie searches on google, with the Samoa following with 22 percent and Do-si-dos with 11 percent.

So the next time you see a Girl Scouts cookie table at the grocery store, why don't you take a minute and join the rest of New York in enjoying a couple Thin Mints. Or enjoy a couple boxes of Thin Mints. Nobody will judge you for it.

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