Miley Cyrus may be a teen queen, but she still has respect and appreciation for the styles and looks of eras gone by. The singer tweeted a gorgeous, black and white image of herself and she rocks a mod look.

Miley’s individually separated, spidery bottom eyelashes give her that uber-mod, Twiggy look that was popular in the ’60s, long before the singer was even a twinkle in her dad’s eye. Her wavy bangs are also pretty since they are so different. The heart tattoo on her pinky finger also adds a precious touch.

The image is flattering, dramatic and shows Cyrus in a more classic light. While so many of her peers rock current, trendy and utterly youthful looks with their makeup and their hair, she’s going the throwback route and looks stunning doing it. It’s probably one of our favorite photos of Miley in, like, ever.

It’s refreshing when a starlet sidesteps hot trends to do something unexpected and from the past. It’s such a beautiful image of Miley and the fact that it’s a black and white shot ups the cool factor.

Below is Miley’s tweet and the image. What do you guys think of Miley channeling model Twiggy in this shot?