The 38th Annual 2013 Lobsterfest at the Canasawacta Country Club on Sunday gave members of the community a chance to ask their representatives about any issues on the  federal, state and local levels. Democratic Assemblyman Bill Magee, chair of the assembly agriculture committee, was asked about the strides made last session to helping the agriculture industry

"What's new is we've got some legislation that freezes the amount of assessment on property that's in farm use and that passed," Magee said. "Hopefully the governor will sign it and will continue to market local products, the governor has a Fresh New York program and we've been supportive of that to try and get people to buy more and more local grown food."

Magee says they will continue to help our dairy farmers next session deal with milk pricing and resolving the federal farm bill situation.

"We'll continue to look what we can do for our dairy farmers," he said. "Our farmers are producing a product and they have no control over the pricing of it and of course now we're also concerned with the federal situation with the federal farm bill but hopefully we'll get that resolved.

Magee says they will continue to press for legislation to support New York dairy farmers

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