Over the weekend, Lorde shared a rare personal Instagram Story celebrating the second anniversary of her sophomore album release, Melodrama, as well as an update on her upcoming third album.

She began her post by thanking fans for taking the album and making it their own. "Swells my damn heart thinking about your love for it and your willingness to go there with me and to dance the way we did together," she wrote about Melodrama.

Lorde shared that on the album's release day on June 16, 2017, she completed a jigsaw puzzle in her New York City hotel room and didn't realize how she would feel after releasing the record into the world. "I felt so emptied, I didn't really know yet that you make a record and get filled up, and then releasing it empties you... and slowly fills you up again."

She admitted that she was emotional and even called herself a baby at the time, adding that she has grown a lot since then. Since the release of her album, she stated that she's traveled to Antarctica, adopted a dog and cat, can bake bread and cook a full dinner, and joked she can even keep her plants alive.

Referencing her upcoming album, Lorde also dropped the big news that the "third one in the oven." No other details on the new album have been released just yet, though she did thank her longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff, "who was always there."

Read her full message, below:

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