Lorde combatted the sexist claims that her upcoming third studio album is another "Jack Antonoff record."

On Thursday (Aug. 12), The New York Times published an interview with the "Solar Power" singer who addressed the social media sexism that she's faced while co-producing alongside a male producer.

Lorde fired back and said that she does not want to be classified as part of "Jack's stable" of other artists that he's worked with which includes other female artists like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift.

"I haven't made a Jack Antonoff record," Lorde told the outlet. "I've made a Lorde record and he's helped me make it and very much deferred to me on production and arrangement. Jack would agree with this. To give him that amount of credit is frankly insulting."

Lorde knows that every producer has certain stylistic techniques and aspects where fans can sometimes recognize their work. However, she emphasized that this album was creatively led by her.

"I know that there are certain hallmarks of what Jack does and some of those things I really love and some of them I don't like," she admitted. "And I beat them out of the work that we do together," she explained to the newspaper. "I say this with so much love and affection, but I feel like we're doing up a house together and he's like, 'Look at this serviette that I fashioned into the shape of two swans! Look at this set of woven baskets!' And I'm like, 'Great—one per room.'"

Back in 2018, Lorde had to address another rumor that she was dating Antonoff after his breakup with longtime girlfriend, Lena Dunham. Lorde and Antonoff were only working on her second record, Melodrama, together. Lorde called those claims both "retro" and and "sexist."

"No one who's in a job that isn't my job has a relationship like the one I have with Jack. He's like a partner to me," she said of her collaborator. "We're in a relationship. It's not a romantic relationship, but we've been in it for seven years, and it's a really unique thing, so I don't begrudge people maybe not being able to understand it."

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