Ethan Harris took the area by storm in 2011 when he took the stage for the first time ever to compete in WSRK's Jr Idol competition.  No one was surprised when he won his age division and in fact we all couldn't wait to hear more.  Ethan has a unique sound and an endearing quality that really sets him apart.  Will the judges on American Idol agree?  Ethan has what it takes, and he earned the opportunity to stand in front of Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban.  Watch Ethan's audition for Season Xlll of American Idol:

Can't wait to see what the judges decide!

Ethan, Townsquare Media wishes you the best in your musical journey.  You have a wonderful support system (Kim Haldas Jalonack, family, and friends) and have made lasting impressions on so many people.  Keep being you!  We will be glued to our TVs, cheering you on!