Looking forward to returning to my alma mater, Laurens Central School, Monday evening for a very special occasion!

This is not me bragging, or a "yay me" moment, this is a very humble note of gratitude.  On Monday, I will be inducted to the Laurens Central School Athletic Hall of Fame.  I was very happy and surprised to receive the above letter.  It is a reminder of some great times on the field and on the court.

I can recall many great moments playing varsity sports my freshman to senior year.  There will always be those plays, write-ups, and awards that bring a smile to my face.  But even beyond the great sports memories, you get close with your teammates, even if they weren't classmates.  It was because of sports that I developed friendships with players from other schools.  Years later, we can still recall "that game" or certain players, refs and umps...nostalgia.

I have to recognize that I had great support throughout my athletic years.  No matter if was a home game or away, a good game or not so good game, I knew I could always look to the stands for that reassurance and positive encouragement.  My parents were always there.  And that was extended to my teammates, too.  All the practices and games between my brother, sisters and myself, there was never a time they weren't there for us.

I am truly honored to be receiving this award on Monday at the Pat Grasso Basketball Tournament at LCS and would like to extend congratulations to the other inductees: Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer, James Laing, and Lydia Thering.



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