John Krasinski is on a roll with his Some Good News show on YouTube. The man is committed to highlighting the positive things happening in the country and around the world.

Many high school seniors are missing their milestone moments. Between losing prom and graduation, it’s enough to make you cry. Of course, skipping these events is better than the alternative, which is seeing loved ones get sick and possibly die due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. These students are not tone deaf and realize the true danger that lies in holding large gatherings. However, missing out on these huge life moments is tough and they are allowed to grieve the loss. Enter John Krasinski with what could quite possibly be the greatest virtual event of all time.

After watching a dad surprise his daughter with a mini promo in their living room, Krasinski decided that this type of dedication needs to happen for all high school seniors. The Newton native held a virtual prom for everyone who is missing out on their physical prom in 2020. Complete with appearances and live performances by famous celebrities who just wanted to show some love for these teens and their families, this was definitely a night to remember.

Maybe they couldn’t go get their hair done or get manicures and pedicures the way they normally might have for prom. Maybe they couldn’t all meet up at a friend’s house for those classic photoshoots that everyone looks forward to. But these kids still made the best of the situation and got all dolled up for a dance party in their living rooms and it was epic.

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