Kaitlyn Jackson (Norwich, N.Y.) stopped by our sister station WBKT in Norwich this week and chatted with Skip Barlow about her second CD, her time in Nashville, and a recent award she received.

Skip Barlow writes:

"Nashville recording artist and former American Idol contestant Kaitlyn Jackson joined us in the Big Kat studio Thursday to catch us up on the great things that have been happening for her.  She just released her new self-titled CD and it is amazing. It’s available now at her website.

Also, earlier this week she received the “DisCovery Award from renowned music critic Robert K. Oerman for Music Row Magazine.  He reviews her song “All The Little Things,” and calls the song “an upbeat message ditty about celebrating every small blessing in your life.” He then adds “quite promising.”  Oerman went on to say that Kaitlyn is just 16 but “she sings with the assertion, power and confidence of someone much older.  Check out the entire interview with Kaitlyn by clicking below.  The interview includes two songs, including “All The Little Things.”

Listen to Kaitlyn's interview with Skip:




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