Justin Bieber might be a mentor on Season 2 of ‘X Factor,’ furthering upping the “must watch” aspect of the show. As if the revamped judge’s panel wasn’t enough reason to tune in!

Photos have surfaced of the Biebs meeting with members of L.A. Reid’s team on the show and filming takes, leading to speculation that the ‘As Long as You Love Me’ singer may mentor the contestants in the early rounds as the judge’s select their teams from the comforts of their homes.

Since The Biebs has a previous relationship with L.A. Reid, who once ran his label Island Def Jam, it makes sense for the singer to bro down and offer some advice to Reid’s hopefuls. It’s like a professional courtesy, to the nth degree. Rihanna mentored Reid’s charges last season, so the music biz exec certainly pulls out the big guns when it comes his team.

Wouldn’t it have been outrageous if The Biebs mentored new judge Britney Spears‘ team? The world would have come to a complete standstill had that happened. We couldn’t handle two teen pop titans from different generations joining forces.

It looks like a male-heavy team that The Biebs, who was wearing a hoodie vest, met with. The categories have been altered a bit this season, with the newly-created Over-25 category replacing the Over 30s. The Groups category remains, with two TBD categories to be announced. There was a Boys and a Girls category last season, but it’s not clear if those remain. We can’t tell from the photos what team The Biebs may be advising or that Reid is fostering.

The photos of The Biebs on set were snapped on Aug. 27. There were also shots of his manager Scooter Braun overseeing the happenings.

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