Over the weekend, director Zack Snyder shared an exciting teaser titled “Mother Box Origins,” in advance of his cut of Justice League at the 2021 IGN Fan Fest. But the video was made for a different purpose entirely. Digital studio Yu and Co, who created the teaser, revealed in a tweet that the clip was originally intended as the intro for the movie.

The animated sequence shows a series of CG Mother Boxes that correlate to the different members of the Justice League. In the background, you can hear Tom Waits’ “Time” as the camera pans over each box. According to Yu and Co, “Mother Box Origins” was “originally meant as a title sequence before re-envisioned as a standalone promo.” Not to mention, there’s a good deal of easter eggs and details for fans to pick up on:

It certainly makes more sense knowing that the teaser was designed to be Justice League's intro sequence. The clip — while cool-looking — doesn’t show any of the actors, nor does it hint to any specific plot points or action sequences. While that kind of teaser makes sense a year out from a project, it’s less common for a movie being released in two weeks. So the fact that the promo had been designed with a separate purpose in mind explains a lot.

Now, why the Mother Box teaser didn’t end up becoming the opening for Justice League remains unknown. Maybe Snyder realized that the clip had more potential as a teaser for die-hard fans than as a title sequence. Lucky for us, the video means that the wait for the highly anticipated Snyder Cut is almost over.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrives on HBO Max on March 18.

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