The latest celebrity quarantine move comes from actor and director John Krasinski, who has started a new video blog dedicated to something we’re seeing less and less of — good news. The show, “Some Good News with John Krasisnki” debuted yesterday on YouTube and has since amassed over 600,000 views in twelve hours. Complete with a groovy homemade sign and an epic hand-spun globe opening effect, “Some Good News” is the DIY, positive news show we’ve all been waiting for.

The 15-minute premiere episode covers topics such as the 15th anniversary of The Office, and a spotlight on John’s newest hero, Coco. And what would a talk show be without guest interviews? Krasinski is joined by none other than Steve Carrell to talk all things Office related. Check it out here:

Carrell and Krasinski share some laughs reminiscing over the good ol’ days at Dunder Mifflin. Krasinski also highlights trending stories that demonstrate the best in humanity in these challenging times. Krasinski encourages us to keep searching for the good news in all of this. “Of course, you can find more of those amazing images and videos on our Facebook page... Or let’s be honest, pretty much anywhere else on the Internet.”

Krasinski’s YouTube channel follows similar acts of social distance solidarity from talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. Fallon has started recording special “home editions” of The Tonight Show, and Colbert delivered his opening monologue straight from his bathtub. More and more, television personalities are finding ways to lift the spirits of Americans who are unable to leave their homes for risk of spreading coronavirus. We need those laughs now more than ever.

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