The Jets are finally done with Adam Gase and now they have to hire the right guy to replace him. Who might that be and what should they do at the quarterback position? We asked Kyle Fahey from the Jets Brawl Podcast we thinks the Jets should do. Make sure to listen above.

RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: Philadelphia Head Coach Doug Pederson made a quarterback change on Sunday that was embarrassing to the Eagles organization and the NFL. When Pederson pulled rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts after three quarters he gave his team no chance of beating Washington. What total disgrace. Philadelphia doesn’t owe the Giants a thing,, but Pederson owes it to his team and the league to try and win. You don’t think Hurts, who might be the future in Philadelphia, wanted to prove something to his head coach. Sunday’s move by Pederson was a very bad look on the NFL. And nothing will be done about it.

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