It's good to be Jacquie Lee.

At only 16 years old, the singer became the runner-up on 'The Voice' and wowed America with her ability to belt out songs with the same skill as her coach on the show, Christina Aguilera.

As Jacquie prepared to head out on a summer tour with 'The Voice,' she stopped by PopCrush to sing her new song 'Broken Ones' (watch a clip of her performance above!) and a cover of Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts' (which you can see below this interview). She also talked about her new music, Ed Sheeran and, of course, the boots that famously enraptured Cee Lo.

We love your new song, ‘Broken Ones.’ Can you talk about the inspiration behind it?

‘Broken Ones’ is a very relatable song and obviously it’s very special to me because it’s my first song. Basically, it’s about everyone has their own things that they’re sort of struggling with in their lives and we all  have that in common, so rather than trying to hide it and reject the flaws, just try and embrace it and love each other and love the flaws in one another.

Debuting your first song is such a big deal! Was there anything that led you to want to talk about that subject?

I’ve always had that sort of message that I want to get out, that everything’s going to be okay and nobody’s perfect. It’s just unrealistic, because some people look up to and idolize different artists that they would think are perfect, and I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. I feel like you should want to aspire to be someone who’s real and who’s relatable, like everyone else. Not someone you look up to that makes you feel like crap about yourself … I wanted to put that out there and be an artist that people can be like, “She’s just a real, regular person that I can relate to. That I dig her music.”

Are you still in touch with your ‘The Voice’ coach, Christina?

Yes, she invited me to a music festival in L.A. and she invited me to sit backstage with her and chill and hang out and catchup. She obviously has so much going on, and so do I, but it’s really nice to know that she still thinks about me and she invited me out there. It was a lot of fun. She sang and I got to see that too, so that’s always fun. So yes, we still keep in touch and I finished her journal, so I told her that too. I was catching her up with everything that happened.

Has she heard any of your new music?

Yeah, we were talking about ‘Broken Ones’ and she helped me out. She tweeted for me and everything. It was really nice of her to do that. She’s just so supportive! It’s awesome. We talked about it. It’s cool.

Your music is very “confessional” and personal to you. Is there one song that you’re working on that your fans haven’t heard that you’ve pulled from a really deep place and it’s especially personal to you?

Oh gosh, yes. There’s a bunch of new material that I’ve been working on that’s very personal. It’s actually a little more left of center and not so much straight-up pop. It’s aimed at an audience that can range from a younger crowd to an adult crowd. It’s a little more alternative, a little more edge. It comes from the bottom of me, so it’s scary and a new feeling to put yourself out there and your music out there, but I’ve been inspired by so many people recently that it’s just – if they inspire me, then I want to inspire other people.

Can you talk about any of those inspirations?

Yeah, one of my most recent obsessions has been Tove Lo. There’s a song called ‘Habits (Stay High)’ and it’s an awesome song. It’s so vulnerable. And Sam Smith has been another big inspiration at the moment. Beyonce because she’s just so strong. They inspire me all for different reasons. Like, Beyonce is strong womanhood, Sam Smith is not afraid to be vulnerable, which is what I connect with the most because it’s just so realistic. I would want to idolize someone who’s a real person rather than perfect, because I’ll be like “Why can’t I be like that?” [Laughs.]

Speaking of people that you look up to, after the ‘The Voice’ finale, I saw you mention that you were interested in working with Ed Sheeran in the future. Has anything more developed with that?

I talk about him every time! Yes, I saw him at the music festival backstage while I was just chilling, waiting for Christina. I saw him and he recognized me from ‘The Voice’ which was awesome. He was like, “Yeah, I’ll be on the show Tuesday” and I was like, “So will I …” So then we saw each other that day, we hung out for a little while and perhaps a possible collaboration in the future.

I was re-watching the video of your blind audition and Cee Lo was so obsessed with your boots! Did you two ever get the chance to trade fashion tips?

Well, I definitely picked up on some of his fashion. If I ever shave my head, I would definitely want to get some of those head tattoos, for sure. Those boots weren’t actually from Aldo. I was just so nervous at the time that I couldn’t speak. They were from Vera Wang. I mean, he’s got interesting style for sure. I like the color black, so whenever he wore those black leather jackets, I was like, “I’m going to steal one of those one day.”

Watch Jacquie Lee Perform 'Back to Black' on 'The Voice'

As far as your new music goes, are you releasing a full-length album?

Yeah, I have a blueprint. Album is coming out after tour, we’re shooting for early next year. It’s going to be awesome, obviously. That’s not a question. Just a given. I’m excited for tour because it gives me the chance to impress different audiences. Grow stronger, but also write on the bus. My best writing is done when I’m alone in a room. And I’ll be in my little middle bunk, and there’s a thing you slide down so it’s the perfect writing area. It’s the perfect environment for it. You just get to overthink like crazy and drive yourself mad. It’s going to be aweome. I’m totally looking forward to it.

Are you one of those people who over-analyzes everything?

Mm-hmm, yeah. It kills me.

But it’s perfect for songwriting!

Exactly! The pros and the cons. But there’s more pros because it’s my career now.

Your tour is starting soon. Are you nervous?

No, I’m so excited! It’s going to be awesome! Twelve people on a bus.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I would say getting the opportunity to actually relate with my fans. After the show, like the actually ‘The Voice’ show, if there was a couple of hours before we have to get back on the bus, I would want to hang out with fans and just be my own artist, even if I’m on a ‘Voice’ tour. I’m excited … They’re the reason why I am where I am now and hopefully I can say that in a couple years and look back and always be really appreciative of it.

I saw that you tweeted earlier to never trust a guy with two first names…

Oh, did you see that, eh? I should have listened every time! [Laughs.] That did not come from a great place, just letting you know. When your personal life is in shambles, focus on your career!

When we hear a song with a guy with two names, we’ll know.

Taylor Swift it out! It’s true though! … One day you’ll come across it and go, “I should have listened to her tweet.”

Watch Jacquie Lee Cover Beyonce's 'Pretty Hurts' at PopCrush

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