Ed Sheeran recently gave fellow English singer Sam Smith quite an interesting gift.

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show Tuesday (Oct. 11), Smith revealed Sheeran gifted them a 6-foot tall statue of a penis.

The story was prompted by Clarkson, who asked Smith, "I heard that you're about to get another trophy. And it's from Ed Sheeran? So I want to know about this trophy."

"Oh my God," Smith began, grinning.

At first, Smith thought the NSFW gift — a marble bust of a penis — "was a joke."

"It's a six-foot-two marble penis. It's two tons. I have to get it craned into my house," they shared.

Clarkson found the gift hilarious, asking if Smith plans to put it in their foyer. "Like, what's going to happen?" she asked.

"Well, I want to turn it into a fountain, which I think will be hard to do," Smith explained.

Watch the interview clip, below:

As it turns out, Smith isn't the first person who has received a marble penis from the "Bad Habits" singer.

"He gives people concrete penises. I'm not the first. Elton got the first," Smith revealed, seemingly referring to Elton John.

Meanwhile, Clarkson joked she wants in on the club, saying she would display the statue in her backyard before telling Smith to "please name it."

"Oh, we should name it together. Philip?" Smith suggested.

"Well, how proper," Clarkson quipped, before the pair settled on "Duke of Hastings."

In a 2014 interview with Grazia, Smith opened up about their friendship with Sheeran. "He’s such a support for me. He’s there texting me all the time making sure everything’s OK," the singer shared.

In June, Sheeran invited Smith on stage at Wembley Stadium to perform their 2014 hit "Stay With Me."

"Forever grateful for your support and friendship Ed," Smith captioned a video of the performance at the time.

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