Valentine's Day is a week away and many New Yorkers are really starting to feel a sense of dread. This is the time of the year when past heartbreaks can and will get brought back to the surface. If you're feeling really down, don't be sad because you are not alone.

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According to a new survey from Compare the Market Australia, New Yorkers take on an average of 8.66 months to recover from heartbreak. The study also shows that 22% of New Yorkers also feel increased stress after a breakup, while 27% said they felt lonely.

The study revealed that New Yorkers cope with heartbreak in several different ways. For nearly 30% of people, grieving was the most helpful method of coping. Listening to music was the second favorite to cope by 27% of the people.

24% of people found that spending time with loved ones and making new friends helped them get over the heartbreak. Forgiving the person and moving on was another popular way to get on with our life.  After all, not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Breakups have a big impact on physical and mental health and can lead to a condition called "broken heart syndrome." This can bring on even worse health issues, so try talking about your heartbreak, so you can deal with the issue.

So, if you're feeling down this Valentine's Day season, know that you're not alone. Most importantly, take care of yourself and don't let if fester inside of you, especially during this holiday season.

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