Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day at the Autumn Cafe
by Sage Levene
The Autumn Cafe will be holding a Valentine’s dinner and brunch event! On Saturday the 13th there will be a dinner featuring special options, and when you come for dinner you will receive a coupon for a free mimosa at Sunday brunch...
This Marriage Proposal Is A Little “Fishy”
With Valentine's Day approaching, guys everywhere are desperately trying to come up with an original, yet romantic way to "pop the question." Believe me, I know how stressful that can be, having done it three times. Anyway, no matter what ingenious way you think up, men, you a…
Top Ten Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions!
Love is in the air.  Valentines Day is this Friday, February 14.  Here are the top ten "gee, I didn't know that" trivia questions for the day:
(answers at bottom)
#10...Who is the winged child shooting the lovers arrow?
#9...Is Valentines Day the #1 card giving holiday.…

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