"Hey, you wanna come over and watch me fire off some Lazer Kittyz?"

For those in states where they are legal (and those who have carefully driven across state lines), visiting stores that sell fireworks can be as much of an annual July 4 tradition as inviting friends and family over for a cookout.

Marketing fireworks can be tricky for these establishments. It's not like you can just take an exploding shell out for a test drive before committing hundreds of dollars to purchase it for your Independence Day display.

Instead, fireworks manufacturers and related stores have to rely on clever (and sometimes rather absurd) names to entice buyers to purchase items.

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We recently reviewed the online inventory at four different retailers to find some of the best and most outrageous names for their fireworks.

Seriously, some of these names sound like they were made up for a scene in a comedy movie, but they are all very real.

30 Outrageous Fireworks Names That Sound Fake, But Are Actually Real

In states where fireworks are legal to purchase, stores have to rely on creative names to entice buyers. It's not like they can just go out and light off a test rocket to show customers.

Here are some of the best fireworks names we found when searching leading industry stores' online inventory.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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