Remember the old Beatles song "Here comes the sun, doo, doo, doo?"  Well, the Otsego Lake Association sure remembers it and so they say it is time to party!

They have announced their annual Decorated Boat Parade for Saturday July 3 on the lake in Cooperstown.  This will be an opportunity for all kinds of boat owners to celebrate the end of a long, hard year and to celebrate the beauty of one of our favorite lakes.

All boats are invited including antique, powered, un-powered, sailing, rowing, paddling, decorated boats, patriotic themes, bye bye COVID themes, unusual themes, humorous decorations and anything that is joyful and fun.

This will be a fun day on the water.  Perfect for families in the heart of the July 4th weekend.  The Otsego Lake Association is also looking for new members at this time.  The mission of the Otsego Lake Association is to educate, advocate, and actively participate in protecting the health, beauty, and well being of Otsego Lake by facilitating the implementation of the Otsego Lake Watershed Management Plan.

So please come and have some fun on James Fenimore Cooper's "Glimmerglass" this Saturday.  The theme is the Beatles song "Here Comes the Sun."

We hope some of you will consider joining this fine organization.  To learn more about the Otsego Lake Association CLICK HERE.

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