I got to spend the weekend with my favorite people...my family.  Immediate and extended family gathered at Oneida Lake over the course of the weekend.  The property has been in the family for decades and it's one of those places where you are immediately taken back to childhood.  Great memories of swimming, playing, and getting into some mischief with my brother, sisters, and cousins.  Now we are all grown up and our kids are picking up where we left off. 

As a mom, I catch myself reliving some of the most fun memories through my children and their cousins.  You know there is no better spa treatment than covering yourself with wet sand while chilling on a sandbar.  Song suddenly seems to break out too.  How far out can we get before our parents blow the whistle and wave us back in?  Amazing how the day flies by.

No one ever wants to to say goodbye, but of course all good things come to an end.  My family has always said goodbye the same way.  There are hugs and kisses then goodbye waves, but the goodbye doesn't end until the cars round the bend, get on the road, and pass the property again.  We always look to see the remaining family standing in the drive way, still waving, sending us on our way until we are out of sight.

Gram, Dad, and John...we all know you were part of the sun shining down on us.  Miss you.


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