Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to the Central New York region, and in a recent installment of his Thank You Notes bit, he shouted out Salt City and its excessive amount of winter snowfall.

Friday night's episode included thank you notes to everything from Taco Bell to oranges, but it was Fallon's second thank you note that left New Yorkers north of the city chuckling.

"Thank you ice scrapers for making me feel like an archaeologist uncovering an ancient Ford Focus in Syracuse," Fallon said.

You'll never view scraping ice off your car the same way ever again!

Fallon also poked fun at the Buffalo Bills during the segment, making light of how well the team is doing as opposed to previous seasons.

"Thank you NFL playoffs this weekend, or as the Bills and the Browns put it, 'Hey, we don't know what we're doing here either,'" Fallon said.

You can watch all of Fallon's Thank You Notes from Friday night below. The segment begins at 3:00.

Fallon visited Syracuse last year for an SU basketball game just before the world shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

During his visit, Fallon helped Dana and Joe Skinner of Baldwinsville film a pregnancy announcement to share with family and friends on Facebook. Pretty stinkin' cool, right?

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